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What Is WordPress?

What is the WordPress according definition?

WordPress is an open-source content management system, also known as CMS, written in PHP that uses MySQL for database management. Although it was originally created to create blog systems, today more than 35% of the entire internet is based on WordPress. As a result, it is in high demand and many development companies are creating plug-ins with different functionalities.

What is a WordPress Website for?

WordPress websites are extremely versatile, making them an ideal choice for 95% of the Hungarian SME sector. It can be used to create a company website, a webshop, an online store or an online magazine. The cost of building a WordPress website is usually much lower than a custom-built website. At the same time, a professionally built WordPress website will meet the needs of any business, without compromising on quality or functionality.

How long does it take to build
a WordPress website?

Simple WordPress Website

A simple business WordPress website usually takes 1-2 weeks to build. Such a site usually consists of a main page and 4-5 sub-pages. However, if more information needs to be displayed or more functionality is required, the website build time may be longer. The duration mainly depends on the specifications, but usually, 2-3 weeks can be expected.

Webshop (WooCommerce)

Building a WooCommerce store on WordPress depends on a number of factors, such as the integration of an online billing program, online payment integration, marketing features (cart abandonment alerts, popups), multi-language support, and multiple currency payment needs. It usually takes 3-5 weeks to complete such a webshop. The duration also depends on the exact needs, but the average duration is usually the same.

Who uses a WordPress website?

To say that only simple websites for small businesses can be built on WordPress is simply not true.

Many famous and large companies, such as Sony Music, PlayStation, Microsoft, New York Times, White House, and Forbes, have websites based on WordPress. The list goes on and on.

It is often said that any website can be built, don’t use WordPress. However, this fear is unfounded mainly, because WordPress can build a website without compromises, in less time, and at a much lower cost.

Benefits of WordPress

One of the biggest advantages of building a WordPress website is that a lot of companies are developing plugins for it to add various features.

Usually there is a ready-made solution for the functional needs that arise, so building a WordPress website can be much faster and cheaper than with other systems.


WordPress is a content management system that helps you modify, replace and create new content on your website. Once a WordPress website is created, managing it is similar to editing a Word document.


WordPress is a free system with a huge number of templates and plugins available completely free of charge. If you have the time and capacity, you can create your own WordPress website for a small start-up cost, and the impact can be much greater depending on the template.

How does a development project work?







Although the project has been completed, this is only the beginning of our work together. Our commitment remains and our improvements are guaranteed. We are also providing support to ensure the project runs successfully and smoothly.

Many Years of Experience

We work in a focused and efficient way, so there is no room for unnecessary circles in our activities. Every step we take is based on experience, because we have seen a lot of things in the online world. Therefore, nothing causes us any confusion, not even special requests are a problem for us.

Focus On Your Business

The size and nature of our products or services are always tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We therefore offer a solution that is tailored to your exact needs. Our solutions provide customers with benefits that a generic solution cannot.

Each company comes to us with different needs, so pricing varies accordingly. When determining the pricing of a WordPress website for your business, we take into account functionality and time available. The price of a simpler WordPress site usually starts from 200.000Ft, while for web shops it is usually 450.000Ft. However, in each case we provide an individual quote, so these prices are only indicative. If you feel that we could work together, we would be happy to assist you.

Typically, a simple business WordPress website is planned to take 1-2 weeks to build, usually including a main page and a few subpages. However, if more information and features are required, this can increase the time needed to complete the website. Depending on the specific specifications, it can take up to 2-3 weeks.

The build time for a WordPress based webshop (WooCommerce) can also vary depending on the needs. Online billing software connectivity, online payment integration, marketing features (e.g. cart abandonment alerts, popups), multi-language and multiple currency payment needs all affect the build time of the webshop. Typically, the completion of such a webshop is planned for 3-5 weeks.

WordPress is a secure content management system, however, as with any website, the security measures in place are important to protect it. WordPress uses well-documented security protocols and the system is constantly updated so that security vulnerabilities and bugs are quickly fixed. However, a key element of website security is the strength of the passwords used and the regular installation of updates. The plug-ins and templates used can also affect the security of the website, so it is important to use only secure plug-ins and templates from trusted sources. In summary, a properly maintained and securely configured WordPress website can be secure.

The WordPress interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. The different menu items are logically structured, making editing the website simple and easy. The admin interface allows you to edit the content of the website, upload and edit blog posts, and edit the menus on the website with just a click or two. Uploaded files and images have a dedicated space that the system gives you the option to edit, but the image editing capabilities are not up to the level of the market leader Canva.

All this can be accessed from anywhere, even from a phone or tablet, so website maintenance and editing can be easily done on the go.